Coming back to Blogging

There was a time when i used to pray the below mentioned hymns, though not exactly in the same sequence.

 Blogging is a wonderful thing

Blogging is a really cool thing....

Incase some of you would have noted the Dewey Finn/Ned Schneebly (School of Rock) inspiration in the above prayer, I duly give due credit to the original. But my prayer is my prayer.

But I should admit sadly bravely that the prayer of yesterday makes no sense today to me! Yes, we all go through phases where we stop doing things which we used to like!

Math, Music, Cycling, Music History, Plain History, Blogging, Socialising, hitch-hiking, Anti-socialising, anti-hitch-hiking, Keeping a grim face, Books, Photography are quite a few of the things which were the things which i used to like until one of the above replaced the previous, again not necessary in the same order.

Please forgive me if i missed out certain things which u think should have been in my list.

On second thoughts you needn't!!

Something which started way back on a new year day of year 2007, i think it has come a long way,  peaked a bit, got wordpressed, and then hit a hiatus that is if one leaves out the casual posts linking to flickr images.

If any of you were wondering what all these is about, It is just to announce that i am trying to revive my blogger accounts.I guess you would have figured that out from the Pink Floyd inspired title.

Here is my two bit to end.

Words are meaningless when devoid of expression

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  1. Welcome back .. good friend ... looking forward to your posts